Lux is the Latin for light.

With Luxtreks you can carry the light to those who need it.

Light-detail-smThis is one of the original lights! See the

technology section for the more up to date model.

On this site you can read about visits to a village in Nepal
undertaken in October 2000, to two villages in Bolivia completed in September 2002, to a community in Guatemala in April/May 2003, to the Shimshal Valley in Northern Pakistan where we installed lights in the three villages in the fall of 2003, and to Bolivia and Peru in May 2004. We are now taking a similar trek to Tanzania in October/November 2004.

In 2005 we are planning a trek to Peru, and we anticipate that there may be future opportunities in Tanzania.

We would like to offer opportunities in the future to others who would like to share this remarkable experience.

The technology that we use continues to evolve and you can read about it on these pages: we hope in the near future to move to a lighting product which will only require installation in the homes we visit. We also hope that this will be available commercially to those who wish to buy units.


Luxtreks mission is to be a bridge which allows those who wish to share their wealth to meet those who can use their gifts and who can give in return an insight into another way of life and another set of values.



Keep in touch with us (faith and we will be glad to keep you informed about all future trips.



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