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You can take a look at the story of the Nepal 2000 trek here.


Or you can read about the Bolivia 2002 trip. Start with “Installing the lights in Bolivia”, and continue the story through “From Puno into Bolivia”, “Isla del Sol and on to Sorata”, “Sorata and Quirambaya”, “To Pocabaya” and “Finale”.


We have received considerable support from many sources: look here to find out who helped us and how they did it. To see Faith’s paintings which are sold to support these projects look at


For those of you who are interested in the lighting system itself try this link. Or to see our newest product look here.


Or you can see some of the photographs of installations that Dave Irvine-Halliday has undertaken.


The Nepal trek brochure and some maps.


We applied for an Emerald Award and this is what we told them about the significance of what we are doing.